Welcome to the blog of The Rua Network. This is where we will post random thoughts, findings and experiences related to Computer-Aided Drafting and Web Design/Hosting, among other things.

We’re a one man team of near insanity doing the things that are found to be most interesting. These include the worlds of CADD Drafting and Websites, both design and hosting of. Website design and computer-aided drafting are much alike as they are different. You’ll see many examples of both being mentioned in this blog, as well as examples and maybe even quick step-by-steps.

I don’t pretend to know it all, but I do know a lot about a little and a little about a lot. A sort of general skills with a few specialties kind of guy. The majority of what I do happen to know comes from experience, and lots of it. This is just my way of sharing that experience and knowledge the way I best know how, random ramblings. I have many of them that occur throughout the day and at random times about random things. Some are about technology and geekery, others about completely strange, never-going-to-ever-happen fantasies. They’re all silent to the outside world. That is until now…

Welcome again, to my Silent Technical Ramblings