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Forgotten Updates

Forgotten Updates

Robert Williams October 3, 2017

It’s been quite a while since I’ve updated this place with a new post…sad!

Guess it’s time for some updates then.

The non-profit website of Manes and Tales has been completed, and passed along to another member within their organization to keep things updated and going. During its creation, there was much to learn and adapt to while building a website that would never be my own. There was no ability to “put it off” for a while and come back to it when the time felt better suited and less defeated; it was now or never to get it done. While this pressure was both intimidating and annoying at times, it was much needed in order to keep the project from siting too long in a state of “it works well enough for now” and being overlooked for other features. In the end though, as a final product, the non-profit is happy with the site they were delivered, especially the spinning logo as you hover over it, which I’m close to 95% sure was something built into the theme the CMS uses.

On the other hand, my own sites have FINALLY been updated, or at least to a plateau where I can stand to look at them a little longer. The main site TheRua.Net has gotten some much needed graphics applied where placeholders had been living for quite a while and now looks much better for it. And yes, while the graphics look squished a bit, it was partly intentional to be able to show more than just a top half of sites in the portfolio. Another big update of my own sites has been The Stray Sod. It has evolved into more of how I imagined it to be when first adding my writings to it back in 2013, and now feels more like home than it ever has before; it just finally fits together.

With the horizon comes a few additional projects that are currently in the works. Between doing some volunteer websites and updates, there is the possibility of a few longer term items being looked at that may lead somewhere entirely new as well. But all in good time.

Guess this is the part where it’s customary to end with the phrase “keep an eye out for updates”…so, keep an eye out for even more updates!