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Home Inspections

Home Inspections

Robert Williams September 30, 2013

With such a vast background from residential building design, to designing/detailing a water treatment facility, to my current career path of structural designer, it was only natural to venture into the land of doing home inspections. I’ve already dipped my toes in the water, being the runaround man, looking over properties, and the outside of structures for any defects that may exist, for an insurance underwriting company. The nice thing about that job was being able to travel to different parts of Northern, and Coastal Maine, looking at properties in locations that had amazing views. The leg work involved, and the eventual reports required, are nothing compared to doing a full home inspection.

My first TRUE home inspection was just a few weeks ago for close friends. They were interested in a house, and asked if I could do the inspection for them. It’s a shame I’m not rolling around in free money, otherwise there’d have been serious consideration to throw down a counter offer on the residence! But that aside, walking around the property, and the structure, every bit of training that one would need seemed almost useless in comparison to the experience that drafting/designing brings. You see a wall, with cracked foundation pier directly below. What I see is a structural deficiency in the concrete itself, from lack of required structural support, or just poorly engineered. Either way, the entire house was seen as a walking model of the structures I deal with on a daily basis working with an engineer.

It may not be very often that I get to perform home inspections for people, but it’s something to start offering alongside my other services from now on. Besides, it keeps me fresh, and on my toes with all the building codes that are at play, both in the field, and at the desk.