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Educational, Um…Training?

Educational, Um…Training?

Robert Williams April 28, 2013

I must be crazy, seeing as it’s the only thing left that could make sense. Is it? I want to hope so, but I highly doubt it. Then again, I could just be going insane. That would fit as the more likely route in which to follow the rabbit holes.

As with everything, crazed or not, in the interestingly world of employment, one must keep on their toes at all times, ready to reinvent themselves at a moments notice. Least it sounded good in my mind. But it still holds some truth. And I’ve decided to start down that road as well, recently beginning a self-taught/paced Revit training course. Thus far, there’s very little new information being learned, just some old information being presented in a completely different light, with odd naming schemes. But it will be for the best; eventually. We can’t fight the tides that crash upon us, only to learn how to fully swim in the new waves, as such, I’m still learning how to float with this undertaking.

Clients are starting to ask if we’ve joined the ranks of competitors that have jumped behind a new-ish product with the intention of cutting costs and turn around times. This is all very well and good, provided that every single step you’ve taken is done so with absolute care. In the end, after the rushing towards shiny products with high hopes, with the best intentions, the world is still going to be looking for those who have kept pace with the “old” ways for when that bubble bursts.

For me, Revit will be just another tool, another set of guides to learn in order to accomplish the same ends through different means. It’ll be good for my career once I’ve gotten comfortable, dare I say cocky, with using the software on a daily basis as I’d be seen as having more value to offer. There’s never a harm in learning something new, so long as what was learned before remains utilized, and not forgotten.