12 Jul

Drafting Fingers Crossed

Amazing opportunities come in all shape and sizes, and at odd points in time. This at least holds true for myself. More so recently it seems.

What am I attempting to talk about? Some good luck coming my way. Having recently become an independent contractor for GIS, it was thought, and partly expected that it would be slow and slim pickings for work through them. While slow, and not many, it really is the perfect compliment to a steadier employment.

Recently however, I received some decent news about a drafting opportunity. I was contacted earlier this week about my drafting services for a plant expansion along with equipment layout requirements. What makes this news even better is the fact that it’s a local company that has shown interest in my skill set and abilities. I’ve also taken some time and made modifications to a few sections of my sites to update and add clarity to them.

So here’s to fingers crossed that the initial meeting for drafting services goes well and the offer is made to work on the project(s)…