23 Dec

A Simple Embed

I’ve been messing around with a handful of different gallery scripts for a while now, and none have been able to do what I’ve been looking for. One came close, but with a few issues needing to be worked out still, has been left for later tinkering. Earlier this morning, and lets face it, you can’t get much earlier than 2 AM, I managed to do the one thing I’ve struggled to with all the galleries prior: embedding. I’ve found decent enough templates to test things with, but never the right gallery script to compliment them. At least until this morning.

I found the “Photo Gallery Builder” from flash-gallery.com and gave it a go. Needless to say, for what its intended purpose would become, it was the perfect solution to my searching. I needed something simple that a client could use, with a straight-forward, and easy way to embed the outcome into a webpage. This made things quick and easy while meeting those needs. I was able to create two separate galleries with the program, add the 5 or so lines of code to the template, and upload everything through FTP in under 3 minutes.

The results of this nice achievement can be found under the gallery section of “JJ Photography“. One portion is a simple LightBox viewer that came with the template, being used as the categorical landing page, while the two sub-galleries were made with this program. All that remains to be done, is some more experimentation with all scripts tested.

12 Dec

Launch Of A New Design

As may have been noticed, I’ve updated the template being used by this blog to offer a more friendly viewing experience. This template also fixes an issue that was had by the previous in which older posts were hard to browse to.

This week will also see the launch of a new design to the Rua Designs webspace, along with some new pages being posted within this blog. The pages will be complimentary to the information contained within the new design, with the added hope of offering a clearer picture as to the aspirations I have.

The new design is planned to be launched around the middle of this week as usability and spelling are all triple-checked in the days ahead.

2 Dec

The Annoyed Geek!

Completely out of the blue, my server died this morning. All it took was a failed restart, a blue screen of death and a random file corruption to take the beast down. But I find that I’m not the least bit worried about any of it. A little annoyed, but definitely not worried.

Unlike most computer owners, I don’t keep any files on the drive where my operating system lives. My server consists of four hard drives: one for the OS & programs, and three others for my data. This is, to me at least, the best way to do things. For one, should the OS ever encounter any issues, personal data files are generally unaffected when that drive or OS fails. Now that’s not to say that the other drives wont fail either, but the chances of losing something important is greatly reduced being separated from the OS.

So what I get to spend the day doing is every geeks nightmare: reinstalling the operating system along with all the programs that were being used prior to its failure. Its not that a fresh install is a bad thing, I’d just rather be doing it on my own schedule of system cleaning and not due to a failure…